Drama Malay - And the Nominees Are (Dan Calonya Iyalah) English Subtitle

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A successful career woman is under the gun to find a husband. Katrina (Faralyna Idris) is a successful woman but has an overbearing mother, Puan Kamariah (Maria Tunku Sabri), who gives Katrina a deadline to find a husband or she will have to marry Haris (Anding Indrawani), the son of a friend. Determined to find a man on her own terms, Katrina enlists the help of her friend, Shai (Janna Nick), and Miss Pooja (Susan Lankester), the owner of a matchmaking agency. Katrina goes on a dating spree that brings her face-to-face with 14 potential suitors, including the young prodigy entrepreneur Aman (Harris Idola Kecil); the poet Azman (Anas Ridzuan); the thief Ehsan (Dafi Ismail Sabri); the Korean architect and model Park (Kim Jin Sung); the animal abuser Karim (Aidil Aziz); and the “camwhore” Kamil (Amar Baharin). Could Katrina’s Mr. Right be one of these men? “And the Nominees Are” is a 2013 Malaysian web series.
Original title
Dan Calonnya Adalah
Also known as
Dan Calonnya Adalah
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heart Dan Calonnya Adalah ...And Candidate Is ..   challenges faced by a girl named Katrina (Faralyna Idris) in finding a suitable guy for a husband.  The challenge becomes even greater when the man must also meet the strict requirements of her mother  Mdm Kamariah  (Maria Tunku Sabri).  
The strict demand of her mother,   she remains single even at the age of 28.   At the urging of her mother,  Katrina must find someone before end of the year  or to be married off to Haris (Anding Indrawani),  the son of her mother’s friend.   
With the help of her friend Shai ( Janna Nick) and dating agencies owned by Miss Pooja (Susan Lankester), Katrina will have to deal with the ills of 14 men among them are a young entrepreneur, Aman (Harris), Azman (Anas Ridzuan) who love poem Ehsan (Dafi Ismail Sabri) a robber, Park (Kim Sung Jin-Korean), an architect and model, Karim (Eid Aziz) animal abusers, Kamil (Amar Darman) a 'camwhore', Julian (Jeremy Teo), Sulayman (Brotherhood Hot FM), Rohan (Aldo Gumara - Indonesia) an athlete and many others.
Find out how  Katrina managed in  finding  a man of her dream ?  Who is the lucky guy ? Does her choice goes against the wishes of her mother….  Number of  Episode 28  Enjoy!heart
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