Korea Movie - Exo Next Door 2015 (Indonesia, English Subtitle)

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Run time: 60 min
Rating: N/A
Genres: Drama
Director: Hwang Ji-eon
Stars: Chanyeol, Moon Ga-yeong
Exo Next Door Storyline
Ji Yeon-hee (Moon Ga-yeong) is an offbeat girl living an unremarkable life, but when the K-pop group EXO – (played by EXO members Chanyeol, Do Kyeong-soo, Baekhyun, and Sehun) – moves in next door, her life suddenly becomes the ultimate “boy next door” fantasy. And to top it off, both Chanyeol and Kyeong-soo both develop feelings for their unwitting neighbor. Can Yeon-hee handle a love triangle with two of the hottest boys in the block (and in the world)?
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Exo Next Door Full Movie Details:
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 2015/05/28
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